Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Halikon lukio, Finland, Wednesday 12 February, 2020

Today we read through questions that people who were visiting in Spain had made. We separated the questions into three groups: Sociocultural, economic and ecological. We also wrote about the Spain trip today.

Thursday, 23 January 2020


Please, write about the following topics:
  • The presentations of the filmed interviews and infographics from partners and how you felt on presenting your own results.
  • The workshops on the concepts of “Ecological footprint”  and  Visual Thinking, the methods used in the workshops and lessons learned.
  • The field-trip to the Project of Salinas de Añana and Visiting Ataria and the Green Ring Project of Vitoria-Gasteiz, their importance for developing sustainable tourism in Spain. What impressed you the most.
  • The workshops on the "Cooking with Km0 products" and your impressions.
  • The workshop about sustainable tourism for younger students and your impressions.
  • Your expectations and impressions of the activities developed during the exchange and your stay in Vitoria.
  • Write something about the whole experience, for example about the freetime activities, living in a host family and so on.
  • Future expectations concerning the project.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

We looked into the perspective of tourism in Anykščiai region in a different way

On November 5th we had an extraordinary conference about the development of sustainable tourism in Anykščiai at Anykščiai Jonas Biliūnas gymnasium. This conference was initiated by the Erasmus+ programme "Thinking green“. Sustainable Tourism for Sustainable Communities" project coordinators are teachers Asta Fjellbirkeland and Ina Gailiūnienė. The lecturers were - Anykščiai district municipality administrator of Culture, tourism and communication deparment Kristina Kiaušaitė and VšĮ "Sveikatos oazė", Anykščiai swimming pool "Bangenis" director and Anykščiai tourism cluster association president Sonata Veršeliėnė - they introduced studens with current tourism situation and strategy in Anykščiai district. While speaking about sustainable tourism, Sonata Veršelienė presented the tourism cluster‘s activity in Anykščiai district, which strengthened cooperation of tourism companies in Anykščiai. According to the lecturer, the cluster is a geographical aggregate of related companies, service providers, affiliated industries and certrain types of institutions that not only compete but also cooperate. In the conference lecturers were talking about how to reduce the negative impact on the environment and promote nature-friendly tourist destinations that we are still missing in Lithuania. The lecturers and conference participants discussed about the problems that appear in order to enhance the development of sustainable tourism. The pupils were fascinated by the initiative of Anykščiai district municipality, which has been not seen before - a virtual map with landmarks and attractions in Anykčiai district in 360°. Tourists and local citizens guided by the map have the opportunity to travel around and discover Anykščiai region while listening to the birds of the Anykščiai Šilelis chirping. During the conference, pupils expanded their knowledge of Anykščiai region's tourist attractions, famous objects, learned about the benefits of local business development and guidelines for sustainable tourism development in Anykščiai district.
In addition to that on November 11th, the gymnasium also hosted a training course for pupils where they learned how to use the graphic design site "Canva". Later on, the project participants will develop infographics using this programme on sustainable tourism in Anykščiai. The knowledge they gained during the training and conference will be useful not only during the project, but also in other areas of education and further life stages.
Project group.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Our Erasmus+ experiences in Ingolstadt

Please write about the following things:
- What was the training on infographics and e-book like?
- What did you think the workshop and your stay in Ingolstadt would be like? Was it what you expected?
- Say something about the whole experience, for example about the freetime activities, living in a host family and so on.
- Finally, what are your future expectations for the project?